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to live a wonderfully happy, healthy, fulfilled life. A life which is full of absolutely everything you want and need so you feel and experience nothing but love, happiness and freedom every single day of your life - which, FYI, is the exact type of life we should all be living!

  • Empower Yourself is a guidebook for men and women everywhere who seek to make changes and to achieve more from life, but don’t know where to start or feel like something is holding them back.
  • If this is you, the book is set to galvanize you to challenge all that you know and to consciously decide to excitedly leap into a brand new and better way of living – the way you have always envisioned for yourself.
  • It will empower you to believe in yourself in a way you would never have imagined and show you how to create the life of your dreams which will be full of meaning, passion, love, fun and happiness and of whatever else you want it to be filled with via actionable tips and steps which you can follow to build your ideal reality.
  • Whether you want to change careers, travel the world or want more happiness, time, money, success, freedom or better relationships – whatever it is you want, coach and author Corinne Winn will show you how to transform it all into being your reality by giving you the clarity and courage to make the changes you need to.

About The Author

Corinne Winn is known as the messenger of truth.  She is the coach who packs no punches and is someone who say’s what you need to hear. However, this powerful wise teacher is also one of the sweetest, kindest and most sensitive people on this planet. This enables her to connect to the very core of you (your soul) and provides you with the answers you are needing to hear to empower you to create huge transformations, whatever they may be (personal, work and business, health, relationships, money – she can help you improve all areas of your life).


After relentlessly pursuing her own happiness she has become obsessed with not just her own but yours and the world’s ability to feel happiness, love and freedom.

Defining her into one category is almost impossible, as she is positively impacting the world on many levels but she is a transformational leader, author, mindset coach, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, singer and songwriter who is changing lives and the world.

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Comments Of Praise

  • I found the book to be very interesting and I think it has the potential to help many people. The book is for anyone who has ever had a dream, goal or hope, (yes, you have – yeah, YOU-) and if you’re serious about making it come true (YOU again). Do yourself a favour. Read Empower Yourself and achieve your dream. You won’t be sorry.
    Barbara, Illinois, USA
  • Having never read anything like this before I loved how Corinne managed to explain things clearly so I understood the exercises and teachings. It was very useful to be able to have all your notes in one place too. This has definitely helped me and I look forward to seeing improvements in my life as a result.
    Christie, Redditch, UK
  • Corinne Winn thank you for having so much heart. You really are beautiful inside and out and I KNOW that you are going to impact the hearts of millions – you can’t not.
    Regan Hillyer, Bali, Indonesia. Serial Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author
  • I started reading Corinne’s book and I actually cried a little after going through the practical stuff.  It makes you think a lot more and makes you go deep inside yourself to find out the real cause of your own unhappiness.  Looking at this book and my answers every day will help me make changes sooner rather than later.
    Raj, Sydney, Australia
  • Reading your book and hearing you talk this evening has made me realise that I need to work on myself now; otherwise I will stay stuck where I am now and I don’t want that to happen.  Your book is a life-changing read and has made me realise that working on myself is something that will make me a better me – thank you!
    Yasmin, Somerset, UK
  • Thank you for unlocking me! I feel so much better and feeling ready to take on the next step.
    Victor, Maui, Hawaii
  • Corinne your book is INCREDIBLE!  Wow,  so many useful things in there thank you!
    William, Swansea, Wales

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